Google Calendar is running on 113 servers

Although Google added a function that can search various events such as movies, concerts, sports matches newly, it mistakes updating at that time and can only see the internal person temporarily "Google Calendar A file like something like "update history" has been discovered. Google quickly disappeared from the file, but at that time there was someone who saved the file and it is now on the blog.

According to it, Google Calendar is currently running with 113 servers. There are many other interesting descriptions, so we can catch a glimpse of Google's open and non-open part.

Details are as follows.
It takes 113 servers to run Google Calendar | Googling Google |

The full copy version of the file is below.

Recent Changes

It seems from the following description that there seems to be 113 servers.

Logs estimate: I count about 317 records / day / server. I see on
Average about 1.4 clienterror-count entries / record so therefore 20 + 8 + 2 *
8 (1.4) to 50.4 bytes / record. Hence 15.9 k bytes / day / server * 113
Servers ~ 1.8 Mb / day extra to temp logs. This is uncompressed.

There are many other interesting descriptions besides that ....

Although the event search service that became this opportunity has not yet appeared in the Japanese version, in fact it looks like the following.

As "Search Public Events" appears on the screen right after logging in, add the phrase you want to search and click

Then the events are displayed strange with such feeling. Is there a similar service even in the Japanese version?

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