The latest trailer of Spider-Man 3 appeared

Spider-Man 3, scheduled to be released on May 4 next year, its latest trailer has been released as planned. The length is two and half minutes and it is quite long. There is also a method to embed in the page this time, there is also a high-quality HD trailer.

Watch the trailer from the following.
IFILM presents: Spiderman 3

The enemies of this time are written as "Sandman" and "Venom." Expect great.

The future schedule of various movies scheduled at the present time.

· Indiana Jones 4 (It is almost definite, but George · Lucas was late because it wrote out the script, so I was planning to take a picture two years ago)

· Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (final)

· Pirates of the Caribbean / At · Wales · End (definite, although it is planned to have three copies, but since it was planned to have 6 copies initially, it may be 4)

· Die · Hard 4 (almost fixed, it seems to be after 18 years from die hard 1)

· Zodiac (the director's latest work of Seven and Fight Club, already released, scheduled for spring 2007 in Japan)

· Inland Empire (latest film directed by David Lynch famous for Twin Peaks and Mulholland Drive)

· The Chronicles of Narnia Chapter 2 "The Caspian Prince's Tinboi" (final)

· Adventure of Lyra Golden Compass (definite, fantasy all three copies)

· Evangelion (Final, will the trailer appear soon?)

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