Posted in Excite, GIGAZINE interviewed "advertising story."

News site dealing with exciting Internet advertisement "Webado TimesIn the site called "GIGAZINE" previously mentionedCut comic "Advertising story."To handleTown sceneryThere is an article which interviewed the company called.

What is posted is what kind of thought is what Cuchcomic "advertising story." That made a strategy aiming at attracting customers with high entertainment using manga while net advertisement that impresses users is required It is an interview article about whether it is expanded on the basis of.

Details are as follows.Challenging entertainment of advertisement using manga, Cut comic | Excite Webado Times

It seems that we are taking various initiatives considering top priority on content business using CGM, advertisement to be read, brand of creator group.

Continue to enter interesting companies that are developing advertisement campaigns on the Internet and fun creators who make advertisement expressions will put them in the candidate of whether to go to the interview, so feel free to contact and show offHerePlease.

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