Windows XP SP 3 will be released in the first half of 2008

Since SP2 (Service Pack 2) was released in August 2004, it will be blank for about four years if you do not do it well. Is not it okay?

By the way, SP1 of Windows Vista scheduled to come out in January next year is scheduled to come out in 2007, and there is a story saying that we will adopt the "Longhorn Server" kernel at that time. In other words, using SP1 will change the kernel. I am worried about this as well ....

Details are as follows.
Windows Service Pack Road Map

In the first place, what is "service pack" is a collection of what is being offered in a program update or a fix for known problems, so-called security updates. In general, at the time this SP comes out, it is customary to add new functions at the same time. At the time of XP SP2 last time, various security related functions were strengthened as much as mountains, and behaviors changed, temporary confusion occurred between users.

Windows XP Service Pack 2 Security Enhancement

Also, among heavy users, it is quite a lot of things since "SP is out if switching to the next OS". Extreme story, people in the development of Microsoft may be making with the feeling "Well you can add the functions that could not be installed this time when putting on SP1 well".

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