Space weather forecast

For example, "Solar wind speed is very low, about 310 km / s, and geomagnetism is still quiet. Although it is quiet on 19th, the geomagnetism may be slightly active due to the influence of Corona Hall from around 20th High energy electrons in the geostationary orbit are still in high state and this high state will continue until about 20 days, etc. "You can know the weather of the universe. It is a space scale around 310 km / s.

It seems to be useful in genres such as GPS, wireless communication, satellite operation, power survey, magnetic survey ... .... Since I am also offering mail delivery service, I can feel it somehow SF like once a day.

It might be possible to make such a conversation that "High energy electronic flux seems to be high today in geostationary orbit ...".

Details are as follows.
NICT Space Weather Information Center

In addition, the space weather forecast itself is displayed in detail on the following site.

NICT Space Weather Information Center

What is space weather? Space Weather Information Center (NICT)

So, it is quite interesting that this space weather information mail delivery service.

Data distribution service - Space weather information center (NICT)

Today, you can see the aurora well, etc. There are various kinds of information that can not be found in the ordinary weather forecast, and it is interesting just to read.

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