Can you install Firefox on "PlayStation 3"?

"Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for PLAYSTATION 3" will be provided for PlayStation 3. This Linux is developed based on Fedora Core 5, and it seems that code such as kernel 2.6.16, FireFox 1.5.0 and Thunderbird 1.5.0, etc. are also adopted.

So does that mean that PS3 could be used as a complete Linux machine instead of a little computer?

Wii is Opera, PS3 is Firefox, Xbox 360 is like IE so much that the three-party browser wars may eventually crash at the level of home game machines.

Details are as follows.
PowerPC Linux for Desktop, Workstation, Server, and HPC Clusters.

In short, the operating system adopted in various setting screens of PS 3 and so on is "Yellow Dog Linux v5.0 for PLAYSTATION 3", but it seems that it seems to be finished in various ways as probably as it reads the press release.

PS 2 could also be changed to a machine with Linux, but this time PS 3 is briskly high spec and expensive, so if it says to be usable to some extent as a personal computer, like a PS 2 popular as a simple DVD player Maybe it could be sold as a computer that can be used at a simple home ...

As far as reading the release you can read the installation work as needed on the user side after all, so the details are unknown, what is this, is this?

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