"Project Blackbox" to put the data center in a box

This "black box plan" is what San Sun Microsystems thinks is to put all of the necessary storage devices, network devices etc in the server into a freight shipping container and operate it. Of course, containers are equipped with mechanisms to alleviate shocks, coolers and so on.

Details as to what merit is there are as follows. There is also a picture of what is going on inside.
Project Blackbox

The length of the container is 20 feet, about 6 meters. It is a container that is generally defined by the ISO standard as a so-called "20-foot container".

20 foot container

Container - Wikipedia

In the summer of next year we are going to enter a full-scale production system, prices are still undecided.

What kind of merit is caused by this containerization is to reduce electricity cost by saving space and increasing cooling efficiency. As for the cooling efficiency, it can be made into an enclosed space by containerizing, so it is not necessary to perform extra cooling. In particular, when hundreds of servers are operated, there is a remarkable difference.

Even if you need a huge data center such as YouTube or Google, it's quite effective and it's far cheaper than building a new data center.

Looking at the moving, the track and the just container

The inside rack looks like this

It looks like an ordinary rack

Feeling just stuffed in already

It is also possible to make the front glass special glass so that the inside can be seen

The shock will soften like this

A lot of fans are also attached.

Heavy door, like a vault

In fact, there are actually assumed scenarios to use, for example, when placing a server on Mars

Just a huge warehouse turns into a data center quickly

It is okay with such a horrible location if combined with wind power generation

You can also use the rooftop effectively

It is possible for rough hands to get in to a vacant parking lot

Unexpectedly, it might be the best solution for countries with high cost per area like Japan.

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