Icon set for Halloween "Bride of Macabre"

There are 10 types in all, including alien or Jason or SAW jigsaw doll. It is quite a high quality icon so it feels like you can use it a lot. Also, for Macintosh, it is prepared separately.

Download from below.
Iconfactory: Freeware: Bride of Macabre

Also, in Windows Vista, the standard icon standard has been changed to make the icon easier to see even on a high-resolution desktop, but this icon set of this time also corresponds to it, it is stored up to 256 × 256 size It is. So it can be used in the future as well. It is pretty good attention.

The person who made it is "Iconfactory" who produced the Windows XP icon. It is said that it will become the first work which changed freehand which I used to make icons so far to Illustrator.

When creating icons in Photoshop, the following plug-ins are free and convenient. Alpha channel is also supported.

Telegraphics - Free plugins for Photoshop & amp; Illustrator ... and other software

If it is free software dedicated to creating icons, the following software is compatible with Vista.

IcoFX - The Free Icon Editor

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