I drank MUJI's "Flower entrance 茉莉 仙桃"

"Mari Senzo" is in short a matter of Jasmine tea. It looks like a small sphere, but when put in hot water it seems to flower while releasing the scent of jasmine.

So I tried what it looks like. But, quite ridiculously.
The container looks like this

So, I put it in hot water

Oh, it has opened up gradually

Somehow grotesque ......

It is not amusing to leave this way like an alien

I looked into it from the top thinking that the viewing angle is bad ......

If it is about this angle it looks like it will still be like

Apart from the strength of the apparent impact, the taste is Jasmine tea, which is unusual and ordinary anything. However, this apparent impact is actually worth seeing. Therefore, it is quite fun to combine with a transparent heat-resistant glass made teapot. As I smelled nice, I thought what a wonderful thing is and it is this apparent. You can see it when you are looking at raw, but not gradually opening slowly, it will open awesomely and bashfully. It is truly biotic and it will shake to make you feel strange and fresh as you shake even after opening. Frankly speaking, it looks like a monster with tentacles ... ... Is it something you can not do a bit more brilliant ... ....

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