I bought "High Chow Kids Sports Drink"

I bought a new flavor "Hi - Choo Kids' Sports Drink" of Hi - Choo Kids released on September 26, 2006. As with other series, the price is 60 yen for tax. It is quite rare taste.

So I tried it at once.

Details are as below.
For some reason Morinaga was not released and it was released secretly. You can check its existence from "Hiuchu no Namama" of Hai Chu's site.

Morinaga Hijo

The capacity is seven grains. Sports drinks are not included in raw materials.

Contents is like this.

The taste is like feeling carbonated by adding sports drink and ramune. I feel the taste of ramune because it is strong acidity. Due to the high degree of reproducibility of the taste or discomfort of drinks which are lukewarm when eating at normal temperature, it may be more delicious to eat after chilling. Because the taste remains in the mouth quite a lot, I can not recommend it to people who only need to briefly touch the taste of sports drink.

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