SoftBank's first smartphone "X01HT" rushing

From October 1, Vodafone will change its name to Softbank, but ahead of that, new models and new services were announced.

Although the mobile phone with 5 megapixel camera, the high-speed data communication service of 3.6 Mbps at the maximum, various other services are starting to be launched, the first smartphone "X01HT" for the personal mobile phone to be released within that was full of plunges . Where is better than W-ZERO 3 after all?

Details are as follows.About new models for fall and winter sales in 2006(PDF file, 942 KB)

First of all, from the introduction sentence.

OS is equipped with Windows Mobile® 5.0, which is the first mobile phone for individual customers * 1. In addition to incorporating a touch panel compatible liquid crystal, QWERTY keyboard ※ 2 was adopted as a key arrangement, realizing operability like a personal computer.

W-ZERO, already equipped with Windows Mobile 5.0 from WILLCOM, has been released last year,From July NTT DoCoMo HTC company has released similar models for corporationsSo, is it possible to think that they are doing the phrase "for individual customers" or "for mobile phones"?

Regarding the price plan as well

In line with the launch of "SoftBank X01HT", we will revise the packet communication flat rate service "dual packet flat rate" and create a new maximum amount of 9,800 yen (10,290 yen including tax) / month.

Apparently, when connecting to the Internet with "X01HT", it seems that it will be 9,800 yen instead of 5,700 yen which is the maximum amount when connecting from the other mobile phone to the Internet.

The high-speed data communication service announced this time is also as follows.
About the start of "3G high speed"(PDF file, 22 KB)

"3G High Speed" is a service that enables high-speed data communication with maximum downlink transmission rate of 3.6 Mbps / uplink maximum of 384 Kbps (best-effort method * 3).

* 4 The communication speed of "SoftBank X01HT" is maximum downlink 1.8 Mbps / maximum uplink 384 Kbps (best effort method).

Why is the speed halved ... what is this?

By the way, this "3G high speed" itself can also be used only in 23 wards of Tokyo and ordinance designated city in the beginning of service, and in other areas it is connected to conventional SOFTBANK 3G network service (maximum downlink of 384 kbps) Pattern.

By the way, there was a story that SOFTBANK 's 3G area is narrow compared to other companies' 3G, but what is going on now?

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