A massive digital camera with 160 million pixels

In Japan, 10 million pixel compact digital camera finally came out this year, but in foreign countries, digital cameras with different scales were announced at all. It is the overwhelming number of pixels and deca that the concept of portability etc. blows away.

Details are as below.
Seitz 6x17 Digital

It seems that you can take panoramic pictures with a ratio of length 6: horizontal 17 in 1 second. The width is about 50 cm and the weight is 2.8 kg. It may be reckless to hold by hand during shooting like the image above.

The back is like this.

The control unit can be removed with a PDA.

The ISO sensitivity is 500 to 10,000, the shutter speed is from 1 / 20,000 second, and the file size is about 1 GB if not compressed. And it seems that MAC mini is included as storage for handling large capacity files. By the way, price is mobile version 45,500 francs (about 4.27 million yen), studio version seems to be 42,300 francs (about 3,970,000 yen), every scale seems to be big.

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