PS3 price cut to "49,980 yen"

The price of the lower model of PlayStation 3 scheduled to be released on November 11 is now falling from 59,800 yen (62,790 yen tax included) to 49,980 yen including tax. It seems that some specs are also planned at the same time.

Details are as follows.PLAYSTATION® 3 HDD 20 GB
Standard equipped with HDMI
Japan domestic suggested retail price 49,980 yen (tax included)
(PDF file)

According to it, it is said that not only will it fall, but HDMI terminal that was not being installed in the lower model will be installed. For the HDMI terminal, the following sites are detailed.

HDMI - Wikipedia

The price of Nintendo's next generation "wii" is 25,000 yenAlthough it seems to be conscious of being aware, it is good for consumers to fall.

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