Finally, PENTAX's medium-format digital single lens reflex camera "PENTAX 645D" overcomes the development freeze, and it can reach the release after about five years passed

The news that Pentax's first medium-format digital single lens reflex camera "PENTAX 645D" is released is announced today,Digital camera WatchAccording to this new release, there is a history of suffering at first, first published in March 2005 mock-up, but in March 2008 announced development freeze, reappeared in March 2009, And after five years and two months have elapsed since the first development announcement, we finally reached a new release.

Release date is in mid-May 2010, according to Yodobashi camera the actual sale price is at present848,000 yen including taxIt has become.

Details are as below.
PENTAX's first medium-format digital single lens reflex camera "PENTAX 645D" is on sale | PENTAX

645 D | Medium format digital single lens reflex camera | PENTAX


This "PENTAX 645D" is equipped with a large image sensor comparable to a professional digital camera back, effective about 40 million pixels. It is equipped with a large, high-performance image sensor of 44 mm × 33 mm which was limited to business applications so far. The body is made of magnesium alloy, the chassis adopts aluminum die-casting, and the top and rear LCD covers are made toughened glass with hard protective glass, furthermore the dust-proof and drip-proof structure · operation up to minus 10 ° C We also realized the cold resistance to guarantee.

In terms of use image like this

In addition, a dual SD / SDHC memory card slot, a "DR II (Dust Removal II)" mechanism that realizes high dust removal performance, a newly developed high precision 11 point wide AF sensor, 77 divided photometry, about 98% field of view Custom image function which can choose from all eight kinds such as color finder which realized wide field of view such as color tone shot with reversal film, original exposure setting function, 3.0 type which kept a wide viewing angle of about 170 ° up and down, right and left respectively It features a high-definition LCD monitor with 921,000 dots, a large-capacity lithium ion rechargeable battery capable of long-time shooting of about 800 sheets with one full charge.

Other main specifications are as follows.

Number of effective pixels: Approximately 40 million pixels

Image pickup device: 44 × 33 mm size CCD, the total number of pixels is about 4.1 million pixels

Recording size: JPEG
L: [40 M] 7264 × 5440 pixels,
M: [32 M] 6528 × 4896 pixels, [21 M] 5376 × 4032 pixels,
S: [13 M] 4224 × 3168 pixels, [7 M] 3072 × 2304 pixels
RAW (40 M): 7264 × 5440 pixels

·image quality: RAW (14 bit): PEF, DNG
JPEG: ★ ★ ★ (S. Fine), ★ ★ (Fine), ★ (Economy)
Simultaneous recording of RAW and JPEG possible

· Image file format: RAW (PEF / DNG), TIFF, JPEG (Exif 2.21) compliant, DCF 2.0 compliant

· Sensitivity (standard output sensitivity): AUTO / 200 to 1000, extension / 100, 1600 (1 EV step, 1/2 EV step or 1/3 EV step)

·recoding media: SD memory card, SDHC memory card (dual slot)

·White balance: TTL method by image pickup element (fine adjustable)
Auto, sunlight, shade, cloudy weather, fluorescent light (D: daylight, N: day white, W: white, L: lightbulb color), incandescent lamp, strobe, CTE, manual 1, manual 2, manual 3, color temperature specification (3 types)

· Custom image: Brilliant, Natural, People, Landscape, Ya (MIYABI), Honoka, Reversal Film, Monotone

· Finder: Kepler telescope type Trappo Zoid prism finder
Focusing Screen: Natural Bright Mat Focusing Screen (Interchangeable)
Field factor, magnification: about 98%, about 0.62 times (D FA 645 55 mm F 2.8 lens, ∞), about 0.85 times (FA 645 75 mm F 2.8 lens, ∞)
Diopter adjustment function: about -3.5 to + 2.0 m -1

· Image monitor: 3.0-inch TFT color LCD, wide viewing angle type, with brightness adjustment function, with color adjustment function, AR coating, tempered glass (hard protective glass)
Dot number: Approximately 921,000 dots

· Preview method: Optical preview / Digital preview

· Playback function: 1 image, 2 screens, 4 screens, 9 screens, 16 screens, 36 screens, 81 screens, enlargement (up to 32 times, scrollable), rotation display, folder display, slide show, histogram, resize, trimming, white jump Dark warning display, calendar display, index display
Digital filter: monotone, color extraction, color, base makeup, software

·auto focus: Focus method TTL phase difference detection formula (SAFOX IX +) 11 point distance measurement, with superimposition
Focus mode: Single AF (AF.S), Continuous AF (AF.C) switchable
Distance point switching: AUTO ... the camera automatically judges from the distance information of all distance measurement points, SELECT ... any arbitrary distance measurement point can be selected, SPOT ... fix to the center distance measurement point

· Exposure control: Metering method ... TTL opening 77 Partial metering, Center weighted metering, Spot metering
Battery life: EV 2 to 21 (sensitivity: ISO 200, 55 mm F 2.8 lens)
Exposure compensation: ± 5 EV
AE lock: button type (timer type: twice the photometric operation time set in the custom setting), continued by pressing the shutter button halfway
Exposure mode: hyper program auto exposure, sensitivity priority auto exposure, shutter speed priority automatic exposure, aperture priority auto exposure, shutter speed & aperture priority auto exposure, hyper manual exposure, valve, X (1/125 sec)

· Shutter system: Electronically controlled longitudinal run focal plane shutter
Shutter speed: Auto: 1/4000 to 30 seconds
Manual: 1/4000 sec - 30 sec (1/3 EV step / 1/2 EV step), valve

· Drive mode: 1 frame, continuous, self timer (after 12 seconds, after 2 seconds), remote control (immediately, after 3 seconds), interval, multiple exposure, exposure bracket, expansion bracket
RAW (PEF): Up to approximately 13 frames, RAW (DNG): approximately 13 frames / sec., Continuous shooting: Approximately 1.1 frames per second, RAW (PEF) + JPEG (40 M: ★ ★ ★) Up to the frame, JPEG (40 M: ★ ★ ★): About 15 frames
About 1 frame / sec, RAW (PEF) + JPEG (40 M: ★ ★ ★): about 13 frames, RAW (PEF): about 13 frames, when using 2 slots (when writing in the same format on 2 slots) RAW (DNG): Up to about 13 frames, JPEG (40 M: ★ ★ ★): Up to about 15 frames

· Flash synchro: Contacts ... Hot shoe, X synch socket, synchronization speed 1/125 sec or less
Shooting mode: P-TTL AUTOMATIC DIMENSION, 2nd curtain synchro, light intensity ratio control, high speed synchro, wireless sync (when using an external strobe)

· Dust removal: Imaging device cleaning function with ultrasonic vibration, with dust alert function

· Copyright information: "Photographer name" · "copyright holder name" recorded in the image file, can check the presence or absence of tampering with the bundled software

·Power supply: Dedicated lithium ion rechargeable battery D-LI 90, AC adapter (sold separately)

Battery life: Approximately 800 sheets
※ Use of new D-LI 90, 23 ° C, number of shots varies depending on measurement conditions and measurement conditions according to CIPA standard

· External interface: USB 2.0 (high speed compatible: mini B type), video output terminal (mini jack), HDMI output terminal (type C mini), external power supply terminal, external release terminal, X synchro socket

·mount: PENTAX 645 AF 2 bayonet mount (AF coupler · information contact · with power contact)

· Compatible lens: 645 AF2 mount lens, 645 AF mount lens, 645 A mount lens

·External dimensions: About 156 (width) × 117 (high) × 119 (thickness) mm (excluding protrusions)

Mass (Weight): Approximately 1480 g (with batteries, 2 SD cards), about 1400 g (body only)

Moreover, it seems that the live view function and movie shooting function are not installed.

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