How large is the XXXL gum

The most famous in JapanXXXL Gum (Extra Large Gum)Since it was on sale, I bought it with "Super Soda Gum" which was the largest grain in the store and compared it. In addition, another flavor of XXXL gum, Sourberry, may be quite rare because there are no places to sell in the surroundings, there is no schedule for arrival.

Details are below. Contents is like this. The left is XXXL Gum Green Apple and the right is Super Soda Gum.

The size is about 2.3 cm in length × 1.9 cm in width and 1.3 cm in height. Soda is 2.1 cm in height by 2.1 cm in width and 1.3 cm in height, which is also surprisingly large.

This is about the difference in vertical width.

I tried cutting it.

In the volume, the super soda gum is slightly above, but since the baking soda is contained in it, it is not entirely whole gum. So in terms of the size of only gum XXXL gum is bigger.

Although it is taste, it is a little sour. There is only one large amount of normal chewing gum even if it is large and chewing is preeminent and cut in half. If I consume one at a time the jaws seems to be tired.

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