Homemade aircraft simulator built from 1999

It is a simulator of the driver's seat of the airplane, but it seems to put all the control stick, switch and panel. Moreover, it seems that the inclination of the aircraft can be reproduced. The scale is big. The prototype is Boeing 747, a large aircraft developed by Boeing, USA. It looks like a so-called jumbo jet.

Picture of assembling and incorporating the control stick. It seems to be a control stick of a real plane.
Matthew Sheil's 747 Simulator - Flight Controls

Front panel. As the monitor gets on, it looks realistic at once.
Matthew Sheil's 747 Simulator - Forward

It is a seat of a cockpit seat. It's quite old, so it looks not good.
Matthew Sheil's 747 Simulator - Seats

A picture of a motion system that directs the inclination of the aircraft.
Matthew Sheil's 747 Simulator - Motion System

I can understand the amazing well when watching with animation.
Video 8: All Videos in One. (2.5mb)

The latest state is like this. Is it almost complete?
Matthew Sheil's 747 Simulator - Latest News & Pictures

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