Started "Google Image Labeler" to raise the accuracy of Google image search

Google has "Google image searchThere is a convenient function that displays the images that are highly related to that word one after another, but there is still a limit to that precision.

So newly appeared is "Google Image Labeler". This is to characterize the displayed image by inputting a label (or tag) as to what the image is showing together.

Then what happens if you enter a label or tag that you do not care about? The problem comes out, but a mechanism to solve the place is adopted.

Let's do it.
Google Image Labeler

If you have an account you can log in and use it, or you can join without an account. However, if you log in, your name will appear in the ranking.

The mechanism is easy, start by clicking the "Begin as a guest" button.

Lifetime is 90 seconds. Meanwhile, associate words from the displayed image, enter as many words as you can think of, and click "label". Click "pass" if you do not remember anything. If another person watching the same image is online and another word entered by each other matches, the score is added.

When finished, your opponent's name and score will be displayed.

In other words, it is not a feeling that you are working silently to enter labels, but instead of letting you compete in a game format to support you more efficiently, and by having two people who have nothing to do with it at the same time, We will also maintain the quality of.

I thought about a somewhat good mechanism, I am impressed.

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