A movie "Bouncy Balls" full version with 250,000 super balls running around the city

It is live action, not CG. I am rolling 250,000 super balls really.

The picture was taken in July 2005. After closing the entire one block of San Francisco, I shot a super ball with a special compressed air gun at a stroke and photographed it with 23 photographers. The shooting period is two days.

The identity of this is Sony's long version of CM created at that time, selling high-definition LCD TV "BRAVIA" around October of last year. At that time, it seems that it became quite talked about overseas and on the net, but somehow it was not broadcast in the country. People who started the net recently do not know.

Below, high-resolution photographs that can be used as making images of valuable commercials and wallpaper.
First of all this is a high quality long version. It uses the H264 codec and requires QuickTime for playback.

BRAVIA Commercial: Extended version

A lot of beautiful pictures.


Click here for bulk download(23.7 MB)

You can download the making image from how you shot this amazing commercial. There are 3 minutes and 6 seconds.

The making of the ad(30 MB)

Long version of making image (7 minutes version: high image quality) can be viewed from here.

Featurette: The making of the ad

Fear image of 250,000 balls approaching (31 seconds)

As I saw this, it seems that I shot a lot of things, preparing a shield, rehearsing, dropping it at once from above, besides air gun, and swinging at once. Or, because the super ball rolls at an unimaginable speed, it is a mess. This was often used as such a laid back atmosphere ... If you are only watching the shooting scenery, it is such a terrible thing as a nightmare.

In addition, you can download screensaver, wallpaper, movie for PSP etc. on the following page. The screensaver is that the super ball gradually rolls from left to right. It's not as impressive as CM, but it's clean and nice.


In addition, the 2006 version said that it would be a ridiculous thing to explode a 70,000 liter paint from the building. Making photographs are put on the official website.

Sony BRAVIA - The Advert

This "BRAVIA" was a big hit, so Sony has turned to a profit of 27 billion yen this fiscal year though it was a 6.6 billion yen deficit in the previous fiscal year.

By the way, the advertising expenditure of "BRAVIA" as a whole is the highest ever Sony record value of 140 million dollars. Nevertheless why Japanese TV commercials look like this.

BRAVIA / WEGA | CM information | Sony

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