How many "Bubble Man Gum Bottles" are in

From August 1 (Tue), Suntory's "Bubble Man" was made into a gum by LotteBubble Man Gum Bottle"Was released. I tried to find out how much that Bubble Man is reproduced and what is inside it.

Because I never bought such a bottle type gum .... Incidentally, is it like the picture above as being imagined? I thought, but it was completely different.

Also I tried to make a bubble man from this bubble man gum.
A bottle like this. It was 698 yen in the neighborhood supermarket. high. It is about 300 yen is a reasonable price ....

I opened the lid.

Ramune and mystery abandonment paper

Inside gum

I put them all side by side. 59 pieces were included.

So, I tried out the ramune

When it sorts, it is 28 pieces.

In other words, eat about 2 pieces of gum for about 1 piece of ramune.

I also arranged the disposable pieces separately. Somehow it is 34 sheets. In other words, there are opportunities for throwing away from the mouth 34 times. What kind of calculation method did you decide on this number ...? Gum and ramune can cheat by gram calculation, but as there are clear reasons for the number to be decided, there are some reasons ....

so,Customer consultation room of LotteI called and asked. As a result, it seems to be said that putting 1 piece for each 2 pieces is the standard, and adding more spare sheets. Therefore, if there are 100 grains in a larger bottle, 50 sheets plus alpha ... have put in throwing paper with the feeling. I see.

That means that if you eat one piece of ramne against two gums and then discard it when the taste goes away ... This may be the way you eat it is not it?

Then I think that it would be better to sell it like a sandwich like this, but it is impossible because it is impossible to assume a sellable number to build a factory production line, sorry.

As for the person with the key taste, it is somewhat like a bubble man and just a gum and just a ramune .... Rather, it was the Bubble Man who made a drink of just the flavor of general gum and the taste of ramune, and there is no point in returning it to the original. I will not say it is a loser, but I can not say it is a big hit .... It is certainly an interesting idea to eat ramune together.

So, in order to demonstrate really this time, we decided to keep ramune and gum in the water

Like this. Water is still transparent.

After an hour, it melted somehow

Two hours passed and it melted considerably

Overnight, I feel nice, who drinks it

I tried drinking never ... ... Yeah, but the taste of the bubble man, but no fragrance. It is not bad, but it does not work out. After all fragrance is important.

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