A breakthrough new algorithm appears in camera shake correction

Speaking of the approach against camera shake correction so far, there were only about as much as to move the lens and the light receiving part finely so as not to blur, or to raise the ISO sensitivity. When trying to process on software, there was only a simple unsharp mask, and it was not practical simply because the outline was clear.

However, the research results of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Toronto University are amazing. As you can see from the picture above, the left hand is the original hand shake blur, the middle is a simple sharp, and the right hand is the new shake correction algorithm of this time.

Details are as follows.
Photo-deblurring Research Debuts at Siggraph Conference - Emerging Technology

Because it is software based, it can be applied to mobile phones and so on. The possibility of improving the light blurred feeling peculiar to the camera of the mobile phone is great.

However, it can not correct extreme shake etc. at slow shutter speed, and the limit of hand shake blur like the sample photograph is the limit.

This technology is still in the stage of the paper, and it seems that there is a possibility that it will be installed in Photoshop within one or two years.

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