Change from "Vodafone live!" To "Yahoo! Keitai"

Is it possible to revive with this ... It feels somewhat unsettled, but does a general user prefer such a meaningful name ...? This logo above was not created by me, but was posted in the press release. It would be better to embed something of a higher resolution ....

In addition, it is said that the new model will be equipped with a "Y!" Button that easily connects to "Yahoo! Keitai" with one touch.

Details of the new service logo mark, name change list, etc. are as follows.
2006/07/27 Portal site name is "Yahoo! Keitai"(PDF file)

First let's see a list of how names change.

Vodafone live!
→ Yahoo! Mobile

Vodafone mobile phone
→ SoftBank Mobile Phone

Vodafone Customer Center

Vodafone Shop
→ Softbank Shop

Generic name mail service other than SMS
→ S! Email

V application
→ S! Appli

Vodafone live! NAVI
→ S! GPS navi

Vodafone live! Basic charge
→ S! Basic Pack

Vodafone Mileage Service
→ SoftBank Mileage Service

Like this. The following is a logo image of the new brand.

...... What is this.

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