New release of "freshwater melting fruit lemon" from Bayy Lease

It looks like a new-texture drink that changes its texture after refreshing. Does that mean it is jelly like? Purple for 5 shuffles, fluff for 10 shuffles, fluffy for more, it seems to be torotoro.

New release from August 9 (Wednesday) nationwide, 150 yen without tax.

Details are as follows.
New texture drink that changes in texture after refreshing
"Biyres leaves mellow melting fruit lemon PET 360 g"
New release

The ingredients used lemon juice, dietary fiber (about 5.7 g) for one lemon and vitamin C (about 300 mg) for fifteen lemons. It is possible to supply as much nutrition as possible.

By the way it looks like there was a drink like this with no mark ....

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