Cool Biz fashion required by women is "cleanliness" "refreshing" "cool"

On the contrary, it seems to be "hot weather" and "too much".

Specifically, the suit is dressed in suit, the dressed look is Aloha shirt. People that apply, do not you have plenty of time?

Details are as follows. It seems to be properly wearable, so I'd appreciate it if you can refer to men who have women in the office.
Conducted survey on working women's consciousness for "Cool Biz" | Intage

All respondents are women.

76.7% responded that they agreed with Cool Biz. Casual or Cool Biz is undertaken by 64.7% of people and clothes suitable for the office in the summer are "short sleeve shirts" "short sleeve casual shirts" "polo shirts" and so on.

As for men 's cool biz fashion, "cleanliness (77.1%)" "refreshing (50.5%)" "cool feeling (48.3%)". I asked him what he thought of a man in a suit, and found that the answer of "hot (43.0%)" is most numerous. As unsuitable clothes, "Aloha shirt (70.4%)" etc.

Although there are generational differences, it seems that there are many negative people also in "crown of casual shirts."

GIGAZINE 's workplace probably does not apply to any of these, so apparently it will pass as a cool biz. Was good….

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