How to use Google Adwords new function "invalid click report"

Today, the function "invalid click report" has been newly added to Google Adwords. This allows advertisers to know the proportion of so-called invalid clicks and invalid clicks.

The invalid click rate is known from January 1, 2006 data. I do not know about previous data. However, is not it somehow overpaid? And for someone who was suspicious, will it be somewhat relaxed?

Usage is as follows.
Google Japan Blog: Invalid Click Report function added

Google AdWords Support What is an invalid click report? How do I create it?

Click the "Reports" tab and click "Create Report Now"

Click "Campaign Performance" or "Account Performance" as the report format

Select items other than "time" from the display.

We will designate the period after January 1, 2006. If you specify earlier, a warning will appear.

Click "Add or delete columns" in the detail option column

Check "Invalid click" and "Invalid Click ratio"

Please decide report name and click "Create report"

Report creation ......

The report has been completed. Let's click "Show data and graphs" immediately

With such a feeling, new graphs and items are added. The invalid click rate is higher than I expected.

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