A variety of shoelaces tying how to unravel while walking

The shoelaces were melted for some reason at a rate of almost once a week, but the mystery of the age has been solved now. Apparently it seems that the way of tying was bad.

So, I tried collecting simple and robust way of tying a shoelace, how to tie down marathon and so on, and how to tie it in order to show it cool. There is explanation by the movie.
First of all, this is the basic way of tying. Quick, easy, sure.

Ian's Shoelace Site - "Ian Knot" = Ian's Fast Shoelace Knot

The movie is below.

LifeClever ;-) >> Instantly tie your shoes like a magician

It is more durable than a bad butterfly knot. Because I was incorrectly mistaken it was sometimes something like the first image on the site below ....

Bookofjoe: Ian's Shoelace Site - 'Bringing you the fun, fashion & amp; science of shoelaces'

Next, a sturdy knot that can not be unraveled even by marathon or running.

【Rakuten Market】 not to unwind shoe straps ...: ASICS Corporation

I am a UMMLer & T: Preparation for Ultramarathon Shoes Lines How to Knows

In addition, the following site is detailed in other ways of knotting and how to make a cool knot.

Ian's Shoelace Site - Introduction

Ian's Shoelace Site - Shoelace Knots - How To Tie Your Shoes

Ian's Shoelace Site - Shoe Lacing Methods

In case that it is troublesome to tie, it might be better to use something like this.

SPEED LACES, shoe lacing system

If you are in a hurry this way you will run with full speed but you will not be torn by your own strings ....

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