60 inch subwoofer

In other words, it is a subwoofer with 1.524 meters. In the first place, a subwoofer is intended to produce a low-frequency sound, but is there any merit if it is huge?

Details are as follows.
DigitalGrabber.com - The 60 Inch Subwoofer:

By the way, there was a scene that the guitar was connected to a huge speaker in the movie "back to the future" and strumming the sound with Jalan, it was blown off by the explosive, but will it be blown away even in the case of heavy bass?

Also, see below for why a subwoofer is enough, what kind of work it is and why it can not be placed parallel to the wall.

How the subwoofer works

SETTING: Install 4-subwoofer

Compared with major big amp 100 thousand yen auditioned amplifier

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