Extra large output speaker of 2000 watts, the room shakes due to explosion sounds to be ridiculous

In the case of a general component or home theater set, the rated output of the speaker is often less than 100 watts, but the overwhelmingly overwhelmingly high power output speaker who tried to sound the sound with a 2000 watt large output speaker Appeared.

The room shakes because of too much explosion, it is supposed to be ridiculous.

This is a movie that tried ringing a 2000 watt speaker.Since the sound is quite loud, attention is required for playbackis.

Mega bass 2000 watt rms - YouTube

Various speakers placed on the desk

It is hard to understand with still images, but as you raise the output, everything starts to shake as quickly as possible.

It seems that the inside of the room will be disastrous if you continue as it is, but it is where you are concerned about whether the human body has no effect ... ....

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