Lawson, "Afternoon Tea Special Frozen Straight Lemon" released

On June 20 th (Tue), Lawson is to release "Afternoon Tea Special Frozen Straight Lemon" and "Calpis Soda Okinawa Pineapple".

Details are as follows.
Giraffe "Afternoon Tea Special Freezing Straight Lemon"
Calpis "Calpis Soda Okinawa Pineapple"
Release on June 20 (Tue) at Lawson stores nationwide

Giraffe "Afternoon Tea Special Frozen Straight Lemon" is 150 yen for 460 ml. I used 2% of Sicilian straight lemon juice. When I hear that it is frozen, I remember things per Chu Hai, is it even good at tea?

Calpis "Calpis Soda Okinawa pineapple" is 500 ml and the price is 147 yen. 2% of pineapple juice from Okinawa was used. This is a premonition that seems to be delicious somewhat.

Even so, I am concerned about the afternoon tea ... if you drink it with normal lemon tea it may well be understood.

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