Preparing "World Cup Burger" 40% bigger than Big Mac

I think that I will not sell first in Japan, but McDonald 's US McDonald' s secretly preparing a burger that made BIG MACK about huge by about 40% according to the World Cup ....

The calorie is 667 kcal, it seems that it is for 9 snickers.
McDonalds to launch World cup burger the biggest ever - New Launches

By the way, the above image is the thing which was published at the following site, it is not a World Cup Burger forecast diagram.

See how the magic happens!

I think that there is no big thing so far ...

Or is it about this size? - Fuddruckers takes world's largest burger title (for now)

Clinton Station Diner - Zeus Picture

By the way, this is the menu calorie and nutritional composition table of McDonald's head home abroad

It is quite different from Japan and its face is different ... Japan is like the following.

In addition, even if it is said that 4 extra surcharge is usualThe following imageIt is like a feeling, so there is an opinion that this menu will finally be as per the menu picture.

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