Just meaty, there is only 4600 kcal in just one piece Special hamburger

Before2645 calorie hamburger with 1 pieceI introduced, but an oversized hamburger with a calorific value of 4600 kilocalories, far exceeding this, has appeared.

In addition to oversized beef patties, chicken breast meat and bacon and other meat are packed together and furthermore fried foods such as onion rings are also included, and we are entering an imaginable area no longer like what kind of taste it is.

Details of special hamburger are from the following.The burger laden with two days of calories - and here it is, actual size! | Mail Online

A hamburger with 4200 calories in one, its name also "megaburger" is probably the most calorie hamburger even when you look through the UK, the height is about 27 centimeters, and it weighs about 1.1 kilograms.

Sandwiched between the following ingredients. There are two oversized beef patties and chicken's breast meat and bacon are packed in it and it is not imaginable what kind of taste it will be anymore, or it is quite difficult to get on all the ingredients at the same time It seems.

· Beef patty (about 453 grams) × 2
· Bacon × 6 sheets
· Chicken breast meat (about 110 grams) × 2
· Potato waffles
· Onion rings × 4
· Mozzarella cheese

This ridiculous hamburger was born to offer an American hamburger called "Oscar's Diner" in Telford, Shropshire, England.

This oversized hamburger has a time limit of 45 minutes before the complete meal, and it is tough as a competition that the potato and callsaw salad of the side menu and the vanilla shake must also be flattened in time all the time Rules reaching the territory are decided. The meal fee is Tada, which is often found in Japan, with a special feeling that is common in Japan, you can get a commemorative photo on the wall of the shop, and you can also get a memorial T - shirt of XL size. By the way, the shortest record to complete meal is just 7 minutes.

According to Nikk Lindop, a deputy manager of the restaurant who has been watching numerous challengers, the tendency to become the foremost mountain is about 20 minutes after eating and after a few meals it is time to complete it He said he saw some of the people who became.

Naturally speaking it is natural, but from a nutritionist's point of view, this hamburger contains too much calories and fat, so it is said that the risk of harmful health is very high.

The recommended calorie intake per day is 2,500 kcal for male and 2000 kcal for female. Recommended daily intake of saturated fat is 30 grams for male and 20 grams for female. Looking at the nutrition of a hamburger based on this, when you eat one whole it is about 4,200 kcal, which contains enough calories to make a woman live 2 days. Also, with the same feeling as a normal hamburger, it is 6685 kilocalories when it is set with vanilla shakes and fried potatoes, so that the calorie intake of people who are challenged is near here.

In addition, there are 2934 kilocalories exceeding the recommended calorie intake of men only by the meat being sandwiched, and 90 grams which is saturated fat is also about 3 times the daily intake of men is included. Dietitian Lucy Jones, a nutritionist, said, "This hamburger is not an exaggeration to say as the shortest route to heart disease, it contains a lot of calories and fat," he said.

Lindop deputy manager also said that while criticizing these things, "We do not strongly recommend this menu to our customers, we are thinking that we just want to have fun," he said. doing.

Despite poor nutritional balance being pointed out, the response to this hamburger was strong and as many as 100 challengers appeared in 2 weeks from the start of menu provision. If we could not eat it we had to pay 15 euro (about 1,700 yen), but it seems that only 15 people came to the last bite.

Manager Tony Kular says, "I wanted various people to know the taste of the restaurant's hamburger, so I introduced something like this challenging element." Actually, it seems that as a campaign to introduce shops, it has been a great success as customers who came all the way from other towns came to challenge this oversized burgers.

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