High availability load balancing clustering Apache with "Ultra Monkey"

Load balance, so-called load distribution. A variety of story saying that using "Ultra Monkey" which is an open source software group without using commercial cluster software will do something.

How To Set Up A Loadbalanced High-Availability Apache Cluster | HowtoForge - Linux Howtos and Tutorials

It is a mechanism of load balancing by combining two Apache nodes and two load balancer nodes.
Ultra Monkey:

Ultra Monkey: (Japanese version)

SourceForge.jp: Project Info - Ultra Monkey

The easy-to-understand article in Japanese is below.

Make a reliable web server - NetPerfect

[Ultra Monkey] Redundancy and load balancing - Young risk taker.

Also, if you do not wish to do so far, but want to do some load balancing easily, the following article using the Apache Rewrite module is helpful. Even with a shared server, this method could load distribution at low cost.

Construction of transfer amount distributed Web cluster / server system

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