Dense flavored snacks "Gatsun and bacon" "Guts and cheese" new release

"California and bacon" "Gatsun and cheese" as a dark taste series from Calbee also began selling on May 8 only at convenience stores. There are some regional differences.

Crispy baked crispy bacon, exciting deliciousness of thick cheese and black pepper.
"Gatsun and Bacon" "Guts and Cheese" New Release!
The release date looks like the following.

Hokkaido: May 15
Niigata / Nagano: May 8
Kinki: May 8th
Tohoku: May 15th
Chubu / Mie: May 15
Chugoku / Shikoku: May 15
Kanto · Shizuoka: May 8
Hokuriku: May 15
Kyushu · Okinawa: May 8

"Gatsun and bacon" is the deliciousness of crispy bacon baked with jujutsu. It is a full flavor that kneaded bacon grains and black pepper in the dough.

"Guts and cheese" kneaded four kinds of cheese (Gouda, Cream, Cheddar, Camembert) and black pepper into the dough and realized a strong taste.

I'm definitely going to a snack corner, this is ......

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