If the neon tube "LED-Flex" made of LED is used, the electricity bill is reduced by 70%

Needless to say the defect of the neon sign is fragile. Also it's hard, so it's pretty difficult to make it your favorite shape. In addition, the electricity fee is not stupid and it gets hot.

However, this "LED-Flex" overcomes all of these defects.
Mule Lighting - LED Exit Sign, Emergency Lighting manufacturer

As you can see, it is a neon using LED. So it is softer so it bends quickly.

In the face

Because it is an LED, it has high durability and extremely low heat.
Electricity bills are also about 70% cheaper.

Using this "bendable" characteristic makes such lighting possible.

Treehugger: LED-Flex: An Efficient Substitute For Neon

Though it was possible in the past, it seems that the LED-Flex has a longer day thanks to the ease of handling and brightness.

The price you care about is the current lowest price of 1 ft. 12 dollars.
The 30.5 cm is about 1300 yen.

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