Konnyaku pasta, can not you substitute for yarn konnyaku?

Recently, something that Konnyaku pasta is sold as saying that it gets hungry for low calorie, but I actually thought that it was "yarn konjac" if I ate it.

So, I tried to test whether it would become spaghetti with yarn konjac. Wash thoroughly first and then drain the water well. Because Konjac has too much moisture, skip at this stage as much as possible. At the same time, since the water is mediating the flavor of konnyaku, skip here as much as possible.

This time we will further stir with garlic oil. With the fragrance of fragrant garlic, it erases the smell of Konjac


As it is, the color is uncountable yarn, so mix turmeric (rice).
Then it is such a color. It is easy if you like meat spaghetti.

I wanted to make it basilish, so I added a basil sauce and wonder, it looks like it looks pretty quickly. If you read about the color of cooking around here, you will know why this will happen.

So, although I tried to eat it actually, the equivalent of commercially available Konjac pasta is completed. It is the trick to use narrow yarn konnyaku. Also, things that have not shrunk much. When stir-frying it must be high flame for at least 5 minutes and it will not make it like it. This is the same with commercially available Konjac pasta. Cheap, delicious, low calorie, and because it is a mass of dietary fiber, you can also clean your stomach.

By the way, it was Hiimitsu who was as good as I could not imagine the day after I ate this.

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