Google's complete picture of Google Galaxy 's plan to win the solar system

So, what is "Google Galaxy" is this.Googlist: Google Galaxy Starts with Mars

As for what it is,

GoogleMercury .com .net .org .info
GoogleVenus .com .net .org .info
GoogleEarth .com .net .org .info
GoogleMars .net .org .info
GoogleJupiter. Com .net. Org. Info
GoogleSaturn .com .net .org .info
GoogleUranus .com .net .org .info
GoogleNeptune .com .net .org .info
GooglePluto .com .net .org .info


GoogleGalaxy .com .net .org .info
GoogleGalactic .com .net .org .info
GoogleUniverse .net .org. Info
GoogleSatellite .com .net .org .info
GoogleSolarSystem .com .net .org .info

We are doing it, Google, too. In other words, Google launched the development of a search engine that can search the universe in cooperation with NASA (deleted because it is a top secret)

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