AOL distributes "AOL Instant Messenger" SDK free of charge

AIM Developers

Using this, it will be able to officially create third party clients of AOL IM as well as plugins.

Details are as - Where unprofessional journalism looks better - AOL Releases Open AIM SDK

Also, according to Aow officials posting on the forum of, it is said that they have offered such things as part of social network, the so-called Web 2.0 flow. API is also open, and it is said that it aims at a new open AIM (abbreviation of AOL Instant Messenger).

That post

Presentation on blog

It is also interesting fact that the first report flowed in Reuters for some reason. I think that AOL is still the largest provider in the United States, so if you say it in Japan you should interpret it as a position like Yahoo BB.

ITmedia News: AOL, provided development kit for AIM customization

In this program, independent developers, online communities, sites, services, etc. develop new plug-ins based on the AIM platform and customized communication clients, access to AOL's AIM and ICQ, Apple's iChat Is possible. So, the "Pro" version of this will appear between April and June, so it will be possible to customize for enterprise use for small and medium enterprises. That means that I clearly put forward a strategy to make the coloring for companies more intense. MSN Messenger Okay, it is a means of opposing Live Messenger, is not it? How much you can win is (short)

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