Headline News for May 21, 2024

Nakau's menu will add ' Beef and eel rice bowl ' and ' Unadon ' from Wednesday, May 22, 2024. Nakau's Unadon is slowly grilled and steamed, then sauced and grilled three times, resulting in a fragrant flavor and plump texture that goes perfectly with the beef seasoned with a sweet sukiyaki-style sauce. A regular serving of Unadon is 950 yen (tax included), and a large serving of rice is 1,020 yen (tax included), while a regular serving of Beef and Unadon is 1,190 yen (tax included), and a large serving of rice is 1,260 yen (tax included). In addition, the 'Unagi Gokaimori' (eel gokaimori), which uses the entire eel, will be offered for 2,230 yen (tax included).

[Preview] Enjoy the plump and fragrant eel of Nakau to your heart's content! A luxurious dish that lets you taste eel and beef at the same time, 'Beef and eel rice bowl' is available again this year | News | Nakau's rice bowls and Kyoto-style udon

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I went to Tobita Shinchi, one of the largest red-light districts in Japan, where more than 150 buildings still remain - GIGAZINE

Study finds fruit juice consumption linked to increased risk of death - GIGAZINE

Is salt bad for your body? - GIGAZINE

A group of scientists announces the theory that 'octopuses and squids were born from the influence of extraterrestrial life' - GIGAZINE

North Korea bans skinny jeans amid fears that 'decadent lifestyle' could lead to regime collapse - GIGAZINE

โ—† Material (notes and other miscellaneous items)

โ—†Science (science, learning, technology)
Junior high school student discovers Japanese wolf at National Museum of Nature and Science; taxidermy to be shown for the first time | NHK | Tokyo

Eggs that can be eaten even by those with egg allergies | NHK | Web special | Medical and health

Long serpentine swords and other items to be exhibited at Nara City's new cultural property center | NHK Nara Prefecture News

โ—† Society, politics, and economy (incidents, world news, business)
Half of the trip was by air, he entered Brazil twice, and there was no ambassador... Kishida's diplomacy faces challenges in his 'most difficult overseas trip' - Sankei News

[Breaking News] All 44 members of the House of Representatives' Ethics Committee absent, following the House of Councillors' absence over LDP secret funds scandal | TBS NEWS DIG

Iranian president's helicopter crash-lands in mountains, rescuers identify site, no survivors found - state media - BBC News

US President Biden 'listens' to Gaza protests at university graduation ceremony - 9 photos International News: AFPBB News

35 killed in Israeli airstrike on refugee camp in central Gaza - CNN.co.jp

In Odawara mayoral election, the incumbent recommended by the LDP and the Ishin Party suffered a major defeat... Former mayor Kenichi Kato returns for a fourth term: Yomiuri Shimbun

ICC requests arrest warrants for five people, including Israeli Prime Minister and Hamas leaders | NHK | Israel-Palestine

Prolonged Glico shipment suspension: Concerns raised ahead of peak demand season; A-Coop substitutes with other company's products / Japan Agricultural News

Gunma Safari Park female zookeeper seriously injured after being bitten by Malayan tapir | NHK | Gunma Prefecture

Taiwan's new president, Lai Ching-te, takes office for third term of DPP administration - CNN.co.jp

The danger of part-time work... Poor labor that exploits 'gaps in the law' Some people are called by the 'app name' when they go to work: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Water levels drop near linear construction site; JR Central begins construction of new wells [Gifu Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The gunman who shot 'pro-Russian' Prime Minister Fitzo was a poet who was a 'pro-Russian organized soldier' | Newsweek Japan Official Site

Cesium contamination of wild vegetables [Regular observation, spring 2024] We measured the levels of wild vegetables from Iitate Village and Naraha Town near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: Tokyo Shimbun TOKYO Web

Mayor Takashi Kawamura denies installing elevator to the top floor of Nagoya Castle | Mainichi Shimbun

Prime Minister Kishida conveys the 'benefits' of tax cuts to the public: Jiji.com

Fixed-amount tax cuts to be implemented from June, with the amount to be required to be stated on pay slips...Unprecedented measures for 50 million people to improve public perception: Yomiuri Shimbun

Government to prevent shrinking of autonomous driving traffic accident investigation agency over scope of responsibility - Nikkei Shimbun

Iranian President's helicopter crash: Cause unknown, 'US not involved' - US Defense Secretary | Reuters

Sexual diversity: American companies confused by changing room usage - Gym memberships swarming - Nikkei Shimbun

What is the essential difference between 'Tsubasa no To's election interference' and 'the elimination of heckling in Sapporo'? We asked an expert on the heckling issue | Bunshun Online

US Red Lobster files for bankruptcy as 'all-you-can-eat' deal backfires - Nikkei Newspaper

Private survey: One-quarter of full-time workers in their 20s 'don't want children' - Nikkei Newspaper

Yokohama City Board of Education mobilizes staff to fill gallery in trial over teacher sexual assault case...Up to 50 people per session in four cases: Yomiuri Shimbun

Postal fees for letters to increase from 84 yen to 110 yen in October | NHK | Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

Suspect arrested for fraud of over 10 million yen after telling false investment stories by Akira Ikegami | NHK | Incident

Plaintiff in Sapporo heckling lawsuit: 'Loudspeakers are not disruptive' 'The allegations at Tsubasa Party are a nuisance' - Sankei News

Two workers collapse on cargo ship at Ishinomaki Port, Miyagi, one in critical condition; carbon dioxide may have accumulated in the hold due to palm kernel shells | Kahoku Shimpo Online

UK PM apologises for concealing blood transfusion scandal: 30,000 people infected with HIV and hepatitis from transfusions and blood products - BBC News

Solar flare impact? Domestic autopilots may not be in operation / Japan Agricultural News

Biden calls ICC arrest warrant request 'outrageous,' equating Israel with Hamas - CNN.co.jp

'Yodo-chan' processing fee increase, Osaka City section chief to reluctant colleague 'You've got to be careful' 'We don't have time': Yomiuri Shimbun

Fixed-amount tax cut: Companies required to state income tax cut amount on pay slips | NHK | Tax reform

ICC requests arrest warrant for Netanyahu and Hamas officials, US and others strongly oppose | Reuters

'Photos of my face posted online, discriminatory posts': Korean woman in Japan sues city council member [Osaka Prefecture]: Asahi Shimbun Digital

The mystery of a 'public interest whistleblower' incident in a town of 8,000 people: The intention was to expose wrongdoing, but the disciplinary action was 'too unfair' | AERA dot.

Prime Minister Kishida is opposed to disclosing receipts for political activities, rejects ban on corporate and group donations - Sankei News

Japan Ground Self-Defense Force bans photography from public roads to garrison grounds without legal basis, experts say in Yonaguni, Okinawa | Okinawa Times Plus

Linear excavation work suspended at request of Gifu Prefecture and Mizunami City due to low water level issue; JR Central to resume work after geological survey | Gifu Shimbun Web

โ—† Lifestyle (life, living, health)

KEISUI ART STUDIO | Tasting the original non-alcoholic beer 'Klaustala' from Germany found at Gyomu Super

Shooting Mt. Fuji through a convenience store: nuisance continues; black curtains installed in Yamanashi | NHK | Yamanashi Prefecture

โ—†IT/Gadgets (Internet, software, hardware, mobile)

The story of how I lost 30 million yen developing a shogi software | Yaneuraou Official Website

[Important] Apology and Notice Regarding the Leakage of Personal Information Due to Unauthorized Access to the 'fofo' Shopping Site Operated by Our Company - INTENSE

Local LLM seems to be hot these days โ€“ soy-software

Educational manga for elementary school students, 'The Secrets of Optical Fiber Cables,' co-produced with Gakken | 2024 | Press Releases | Furukawa Electric Co., Ltd.

The Secret of Optical Fiber Cables | Manga Secret Library | Manga Easy to Understand Series | Gakken Kids Net

Q by Livesense was migrated from WordPress on EC2 to Hugo on Cloudflare Pages - LIVESENSE ENGINEER BLOG

The demand for dark mode is surprisingly strong. The rejection of 'glare' seen in reviews of memo apps, and the sense of security that comes with dark mode - Togetter

[Important] To customers using Visa and Mastercard (2024/5/21) | Fantia Spotlight

I actually tried out SAMMO, a framework for optimizing prompt engineering - Taste of Tech Topics

SRE reveals! Examples of dynamic threshold settings in system monitoring / Developer blogs and events | GMO Developers

[Kazuki Kasahara's Ubiquitous Information Bureau] The background behind Qualcomm becoming the launch partner for 'Copilot+ PC' - PC Watch

โ—†Anime, games, manga (subculture)
[Arcadia] Doraemon RTA 1 minute 41 seconds 80 [CeVIOAI live] - Nico Nico Douga

'Goodbye, Lara' Pilot Film / Goodbye, Lara Concept Trailer - YouTube

[New original animation] 'Ninja Skooler' pilot version - YouTube

Ending theme of the movie 'Trapezium' 'Direction Self' Demo Version MV / Vocal: Yoda Yuki (Nogizaka46) - YouTube

Minecraft 15th Anniversary Free Map - YouTube

'Monster Hunter Stories' Promotional Video-YouTube

โ—†Sports, entertainment, music, movies (entertainment)
Mixed feelings about City Hunter cover song... Former PSYใƒปS singer: 'Are you still going to torture me?' Behind-the-scenes story of ban on singing - Music: Nikkan Sports

The second champion Gakutensoku, interviewed the day after the show! He talks about his intentions in choosing his material, his conversation with The Punch... everything | FANY Magazine

Nippon Television 'Waiting for the story to fade away' Postponing results of investigation into 'Sexy Tanaka-san' and receiving a flood of criticism for the contradictions of 'pursuing the former Johnny's Agency' | Weekly Women's PRIME

5.21 21:00 - YouTube

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Summer limited edition 'Chilled Melon' now on sale! May 20th (Sat) - August 31st (Thu) | Donq - DONQ -

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