It turns out that a mysterious drone repeatedly invaded the US Air Force base, causing a NASA research aircraft to be dispatched

In December 2023, it was discovered that a mysterious drone had repeatedly invaded

Langley Air Force Base in Hampton , Virginia , USA. In response to this drone intrusion, the Air Force was forced to take measures such as dispatching the WB-57F, a high-altitude jet aircraft of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Zone reports.

Mysterious Drones Swarmed Langley AFB For Weeks | The War Zone

Langley Air Force Base is technically part of Joint Base Langley -Eustis, which includes the nearby U.S. Army installation Fort Eustis . It is one of the few Air Force bases that houses the F-22 stealth fighter jet, and supports the important mission of the U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, which protect the U.S. mainland, including the capital, Washington, D.C.

In addition, this area is extremely important to the United States, as it is home to Norfolk Naval Base, the largest naval base on the East Coast across the Atlantic Ocean, and is also home to important commercial shipbuilding facilities. Satellite images of Langley Air Force Base can be viewed in the embedded Google map below.

According to The War Zone, Langley Air Force Base repeatedly experienced ``intrusions by mysterious drones'' in December 2023. In response to an inquiry from The War Zone, a Langley Air Force Base spokesperson said, ``Langley Air Force Base first observed UAS (Uncrewed Aerial Systems) activity on the afternoon of December 6, 2023. experienced multiple UAS intrusions during the same period, with varying numbers of UAS and varying sizes and configurations. None of the intrusions were hostile, but those flying in restricted airspace were concerned about flight safety. ' The Federal Aviation Administration was also aware of the intrusion,' he said, confirming that there had been an incident of drone intrusion.

To protect operational security, the spokesperson declined to say how the drone intrusion affected operations. 'While we do not cite specific armed protection measures, we reserve the right to protect the base. Langley Air Force Base will continue to monitor its airspace and assist local law enforcement and other federal We will work with agencies to ensure the safety of base personnel, facilities, and military assets.'

Additionally, General Gregory Guillot , commander of the U.S. Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command , spoke at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing held on March 14, 2024 regarding the drone intrusion incident at Langley Air Force Base. This was the first time I mentioned it publicly.

Since taking over as commander in February 2024, General Guyot has claimed to have recognized the importance of the anti-UAS mission. 'I never expected to see this many intrusions,' he said. 'I went into the events at Joint Base Langley-Eustis and made this the centerpiece of my 90-day assessment.' It was suggested that there had been an incident of intrusion.

Elsewhere, online flight-tracking software enthusiasts spotted signs of anomaly over Langley Air Force Base in December. X (formerly Twitter) user Thenewarea51 reported on December 12 that eight F-16 jet fighters were operating over Virginia, supported by tanker aircraft. .

The following week, online flight tracking software discovered that NASA's WB-57F, a research aircraft operated by the High Altitude Research Program, flew in a circular orbit around Langley Air Force Base. The WB-57F is a research aircraft that has been modified from the tactical bomber ' B-57 ' and can be equipped with image sensors and various measuring instruments.The U.S. military has operated the WB-57F in cooperation with NASA in the past. It seems like it is.

When The War Zone contacted NASA's Langley Research Center about the December flight, a spokesperson said, 'NASA's WB-57F aircraft flight missions fly across the United States in support of scientific research and remote imaging. The WB-57F aircraft has flown at least 30 times in the past two months. The WB-57F, with civilian registration number N927NA, flew off the East Coast in December in support of NASA's SpaceX CRS-29 commercial resupply service mission. and photographed the spacecraft as it returned to Earth. While in the region, the aircraft provided additional imaging support over Virginia.'

The War Zone points out that even if unarmed, drones can disrupt flight operations and perform invaluable reconnaissance missions. Also, if armed, it is possible to attack fighter jets such as the F-22 deployed on the ground in advance, or launch a ramming attack with a bomb-laden drone.

This is not the first time that U.S. military bases, including Langley Air Force Base, have been invaded by mysterious drones, and U.S. military aircraft frequently encounter drones at various test sites, training grounds, military operation areas, etc. “This spate of bizarre drone incursions highlights that UAS remain a growing threat to military and critical civilian infrastructure, both on and off traditional battlefields,” The War Zone said. Ta.

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