Bluesky announces ``feature that allows users to independently moderate content'' & open sources moderation tool ``Ozone''

Bluesky has announced a moderation feature that allows you to hide content based on your own criteria, such as ``Hide images of ○○'' and ``Hide topics of ○○.'' In addition to the Bluesky management team's moderation, each user can apply other people's moderation to their feed to hide content they don't want to see.

Bluesky's Stackable Approach to Moderation - Bluesky

GitHub - bluesky-social/ozone-ui: web interface for labeling content in atproto / Bluesky

Bluesky's moderation team monitors posts that violate our community guidelines 24 hours a day. However, the community guidelines are only developed by Bluesky, and depending on the differences in country, culture, and community, posts about ○○ may also be deemed inappropriate. Therefore, Bluesky has built a system that allows users to monitor and hide content based on their own criteria.

Each user can apply moderation by other users to their feed in addition to Bluesky's standard moderation. For example, if someone has a moderation that says ``If you find a spider image, set it to hide,'' each user can remove the spider image from their feed by following the moderator. .

The ability to implement your own moderation and the ability to follow moderation is scheduled to be implemented in March 2024. Moderations managed by each user are exposed below and can be applied to your feed by clicking 'Subscribe to labeler'.

If a post in your feed is hidden by a moderation you follow, you'll see the reason why it was hidden and the name of the moderation.

Bluesky also announced the open sourcing of Ozone, a moderation tool used by its moderation team. Using Ozone, it is possible to ``receive reports of problematic posts from other users'' and ``perform moderation by multiple people.''

The Ozone source code is available at the link below.

GitHub - bluesky-social/ozone-ui: web interface for labeling content in atproto / Bluesky

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