Amazon takes advantage of SpaceX by suing the National Labor Relations Board, which sued Amazon on behalf of the labor union, saying it violates the constitution.

In response to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) in the United States, which is complaining that Amazon's actions are illegal in its efforts to crush unions, Amazon asserted that ``the NLRB's organizational structure itself is unconstitutional.'' This is similar to the arguments made by Elon Musk's SpaceX and grocery store chain Trader Joe's when fighting for worker rights and organizing.

Amazon Joins Elon Musk's SpaceX In Mission to Destroy Federal Agency Protecting Workers

Amazon Argues National Labor Relations Board Is Unconstitutional - The New York Times

Amazon, one of the world's largest employers, has called the National Labor Relations Board 'unconstitutional'

The NLRB is investigating Amazon's union-busting practices when America's first Amazon workers union was formed, and is suing an administrative law judge. The main points of contention were thought to be to clear up suspicions such as Amazon's illegal firing of union members, retaliation for union activities, and unilateral changes to labor terms without negotiation by management, but Amazon Separately, it argued that the NLRB's actions and organizational structure are unconstitutional.

According to Amazon, the NLRB's administrative law judges are shielded from presidential oversight by at least two levels of removal protection, which interferes with the executive authority provided for in the U.S. Constitution and violates the separation of powers.

Regarding Amazon's assertion that it is unconstitutional, Seth Goldstein, an attorney representing the Amazon labor union, said, ``Amazon is probably hoping that the court will strip the NLRB of its authority.This will allow Amazon to negotiate with the union. ``There is a possibility that the issue will be suspended,'' he said, adding that these challenges have increased the possibility that the issue will reach the Supreme Court.

Amazon is not the only company claiming that the NLRB violates the Constitution. In January 2024, SpaceX filed a countersuit against the NLRB, claiming that its firings were 'unconstitutional,' and a few weeks later, Trader Joe's, which was sued for union busting, did the same. He blames the NLRB for this reason.

In addition to making the same claims as the two companies mentioned above, Amazon went one step further, noting that in addition to the issue of organizational structure, ``the right to

due process based on the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution and Article 3 of the Constitution (which stipulates the judicial system, etc.) It is in violation of the law.' The complaint argues that the NLRB is incorrect in its assertion that it can seek more legal relief than is allowed without a jury trial.

According to legal experts, it is a trend in recent years for companies sued by government agencies like the NLRB to accuse the agency itself of being ``unconstitutional.'' In addition to Amazon and SpaceX, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sued ``Meta'' for trying to profit from the data of minors, but Meta sued back, saying ``FTC is unconstitutional.'' There are some examples that can be cited.

'This is a major attack on the American labor movement,' Goldstein said, 'because if each company's claim is upheld, the union-protecting board will be unable to make any decisions. This is a huge blow to collective bargaining. It will cause great damage,' he said.

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