X (formerly Twitter) refuses to disclose information of a user who leaked unreleased information about 'Genshin'

It turns out that when Cognosphere, the game's operator, requested information disclosure from X (formerly Twitter) about a user who leaked update information for the popular open world RPG '

Genshin ' prior to its official announcement, it was refused. . Although the two parties have had discussions, no resolution has been reached, and the matter is now in dispute resolution proceedings in court.

X Corp. Fights 'Genshin Impact' Subpoena, Defends Alleged Leakers' 'Anonymous Speech' * TorrentFreak

'Genshin' will undergo large-scale updates once every six weeks, adding new playable characters, new visuals, new elements, etc.

However, there are cases where this information is leaked on SNS prior to the official announcement. In October 2022, a data leak occurred that included nine months of updates and testers' personal information.

A large-scale data leak has occurred in 'Genshin' including the next 9 months' worth of updates and personal information of testers - GIGAZINE

On November 6, 2023, Cognosphere, a subsidiary of miHoYo, which develops 'Genshin' and is in charge of game management, disclosed information to X regarding four accounts, claiming that they were leaking information and violating copyright. Request a DMCA subpoena from the court to request. On November 7th, the court requested a DMCA subpoena.

On November 21, the day before the response deadline, X filed an objection to the subpoena and did not respond to disclosure of information.

In response to X's response, the two parties held multiple discussions but were unable to reach a resolution and agreed to resolve the dispute in court.

Regarding the refusal to disclose information, X said, ``Cognosphere is attempting to unmask third-party anonymous speakers through subpoenas issued pursuant to the DMCA. We are not in a position to judge whether or not the necessary constitutional evidence has been provided to reveal the identity of the person concerned, and therefore we are in the position to file a ``freedom of speech'' objection as appropriate so that the parties concerned can obtain material for judgment from the court. ', the court was informed.

In addition, one of the accounts for which Cognosphere had already requested information disclosure has been frozen for violating X's rules.

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