Google pays Apple 36% of the revenue it earns from being Safari's default search engine

Google is known to pay a large contract fee to Apple to become the default search engine for

Safari , Apple's web browser. Regarding this contract, it was revealed that ``Google pays Apple 36% of the revenue it earns by becoming Safari's default search engine.''

Apple Gets 36% of Google Revenue From Search Deal, Witness Says - Bloomberg

Google witness accidentally blurts out that Apple gets 36% cut of Safari deal | Ars Technica

The US Department of Justice and a group of state attorneys general are filing a lawsuit over whether Google violates antitrust laws in the search engine market. At a hearing on the lawsuit, Professor Kevin Murphy of the University of Chicago said, ``Google paid Apple 36% of the revenue it earns from being Safari's default search engine in order to become Safari's default search engine.'' He revealed that he is.

John Schmidtlein, Google's lead litigator, said he ``visibly shuddered'' when Murphy accidentally mentioned the specific number ``36%'' despite a confidentiality agreement. ” reports Bloomberg.

It was widely known that Google was spending large sums of money to become Safari's default search engine, but Google and Apple objected to revealing specific numbers. Google argued in court filings that disclosing additional information about the agreement would 'unreasonably harm Google's competitive position with respect to its competitors and other business partners.' Masu.

Google and Apple have had a partnership since 2002, and Google has remained Safari's default search engine ever since. As of 2023, the most widely used smartphone in the United States is the iPhone, so this contract is one of the most important for Google.

In addition, Bloomberg has asked Google and Apple for comment on this report, but Apple has not responded and Google has refused to comment.

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