Disney acquires 33% of Hulu shares and acquires ownership

Disney announced that it will acquire a 33% stake in Hulu. Disney plans to pay $8.61 billion (approximately 1.3 trillion yen) by December 1, 2023 to acquire Hulu shares.

The Walt Disney Company to Purchase Remaining Stake in Hulu from Comcast - The Walt Disney Company

On November 1, 2023, Disney announced plans to purchase Hulu shares held by NBCUniversal, a media company affiliated with Comcast. NBCUniversal owns 33% of Hulu shares, and the amount Disney will pay is scheduled to reach $8.61 billion (approximately 1.3 trillion yen). The amount of $8.61 billion is the amount after subtracting the investment that NBCUniversal should pay to Disney from Hulu's minimum value of $27.5 billion (4.14 trillion yen).

Additionally, the fair value of Hulu's stock as of September 30, 2023 is scheduled to be evaluated during 2024, and if it is determined that the value as of September 30, 2023 exceeds the minimum value, Disney will pay the difference. It has also been announced that the payment will be made.

At the time of article creation, Hulu's official website offers the ``Hulu | Disney + Set Plan,'' which is a set of Hulu and Disney +, for 1,490 yen per month. When announcing the acquisition of Hulu's stock, Disney stated, ``By acquiring Hulu's stock, we will be able to further promote Disney's goals in the streaming field,'' so it is expected that the collaboration between Hulu and Disney+ will be strengthened in the future. I am.

Hulu | Disney+ Set Plan Your favorite works, as much as you like.

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