miHoYo, the developer of ``Genshin'', has failed twice in its attempts to avoid ``Apple tax''

miHoYo, known as the developer of the open world RPG '

Genshin ,' has tried through trial and error to avoid the so-called 'Apple tax,' which collects 30% of sales as a fee when a user makes a payment through an iOS app. However, there have been reports of cases in which it has failed twice.

Chinese gaming giant miHoYo wants to avoid Apple's 30% revenue cut. Can it succeed? – The China Project

According to The China Project, a Chinese information site based in New York, miHoYo's first attempt was made in August 2022 through the official community '

Beiyusha ' app, and in-game items can be purchased via miHoYo's website. What you were called to do.

However, the 'Beiyusha' app disappeared from the App Store on August 22nd. When it was revived on August 26, the wording recommending payment via the website had disappeared.

App Store Upper “Beiyusha”

The next attempt will be the launch of a payment program using Alipay on August 30, 2022. Although advance notice was only modest, with only microblogs and Weibo, Apple disabled the feature on iPhones on September 11th.

According to The China Project, miHoYo is not the first idea in the Chinese game industry for a web shop that uses WeChat, Alipay, etc. instead of in-app, and is similar to NetEase, which is known for ``wilderness activities,'' and ``Tower of Fantasy.'' ' Perfect World has challenged this, and it has also been responded to as violating Apple's rules.

Apple and miHoYo announced that during CEO Tim Cook's visit to China in March 2023, he stopped by miHoYo's Shanghai office and met with founder Liu Wei, and the event was held in September 2023. It seems that there is a close relationship, as miHoYo's title was used in the demo at the iPhone 15 series announcement event .

It is unclear whether miHoYo will continue to try to avoid Apple's tax.

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