Caffeine-free, zero calorie, zero sugar energy drink “2Energy” tasting review

2Energy , a caffeine-free, zero-calorie, zero-sugar energy drink jointly developed by the plant-based food brand

2foods and Kagome, known for its ketchup and vegetable juices, was released on September 26, 2023. I was really curious about what a new energy drink that not only has zero calories and zero sugar, but also zero caffeine would taste like, so I actually tried it.

[Official] 2Energy – 2foods

2Energy|Kagome Co., Ltd.

2Energy's package looks like this. The colorful '2' is an eye-catching design.

At the top of the can were written 'ZERO CALORIE', 'CAFFEINE FREE', and 'ZERO SUGAR'.

The product name is 'carbonated drink'. Ingredients include dietary fiber (manufactured in Japan), dried mango leaf extract, concentrated blackcurrant juice, vegetable lactic acid bacteria (sterilized), concentrated cranberry juice, concentrated camu camu juice, concentrated pomegranate juice, concentrated blueberry juice, concentrated raspberry juice, concentrated rosehip juice, There are many names you won't find in regular energy drinks, such as concentrated acerola juice and ginger juice. It also contains citric acid, carbonic acid, flavoring, and sweetener (sucralose). The content is 250ml.

The calorie content is 0kcal per 100ml and the amount of caffeine is 0g.

I poured it into a transparent glass to see the contents.

The color is orange.

When I looked at the ingredients alone, I imagined it to taste like fruit juice, but when I actually drank it, I found that the taste, aroma, and sweetness were that of a typical zero-calorie energy drink, but with a unique chemical flavor. You can The strength of carbonation is the same as that of regular energy drinks. However, beyond the sweetness, I got the impression that there was a slight harshness that you would feel when drinking vegetable juice. It is recommended for people who don't need caffeine but want to enjoy the unique taste of energy drinks.

2Energy can be purchased at 2food's Shibuya Loft store, Ginza Loft store, Ark Hills store, Yaechika store, and convenience stores in Tokyo, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Saitama. The price is 248 yen including tax. It is also available on, and you can purchase a 12-piece set below for 3,085 yen including tax. 2Energy Energy Drink, Set of 12, 250ml, Caffeine Free, Zero Calorie, Zero Sugar, Non-Caffeine Carbonated, Carbonated Beverage, Slightly Carbonated, Made in Japan, Made in Japan, Vegan, Vegetarian, 2foods: Food, Beverages, Alcohol Mail Order

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