Amazon's self-publishing service ``Kindle Direct Publishing'' will have a restriction of ``publishing up to 3 books per day'', which is expected to affect AI writers

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) , a self-publishing service operated by Amazon, uses generated AI to publish books in one day as a countermeasure for some AI authors who publish large volumes of books. An official announcement was made when the upper limit of the number was set.

Update on KDP Title Creation Limits

Amazon restricts authors from self-publishing more than three books a day after AI concerns | Books | The Guardian

Amazon has announced that the number of books that can be published per day on KDP will be limited to 3 books. If this limit is exceeded, the following message will be displayed during publishing and you will not be able to proceed with any further work.

The act of selling books generated by AI using KDP can be done at low cost, so not only is the quality often low, but it is also possible to sell books written by AI under another person's name, such as selling a book written by AI under another person's name. There were problems such as ``spoofing'', where people sold products under an unauthorized name.

In response to these issues, Amazon is actively monitoring and taking measures to prevent the impact of the rapid evolution of AI generation on reading, writing, and publishing. We have just introduced a guideline that states, ``It is necessary to clearly state this. The background to the introduction of the guidelines can be better understood by reading the article below.

Amazon requires authors who publish ``AI-generated text,'' ``AI-generated images,'' and ``AI-translated text'' to declare the use of AI - GIGAZINE

The following content is considered 'AI-generated' on KDP:

・Text, images and translations created by AI-based tools
If it was originally created with an AI-based tool, it is considered an 'AI product', even if it is heavily edited later.

On the other hand, even if an AI-based tool is used, the following cases are considered 'AI support' rather than generation, and there is no need to clearly state that AI was used.

・When the content itself is created by a human and then adjusted using an AI-based tool
If content is originally created by a human, it is not considered a product of AI even if it is later adjusted, edited, or checked for errors using AI-based tools.

・When ideas are generated using AI-based tools
Even if ideas are generated through methods such as brainstorming using AI-based tools, the content itself is not considered a product of AI if it is created by a human.

Although the performance of generation AI is improving day by day, Amazon says that ``no rapid increase in the number of publications has been observed.'' The current '3 books a day' restriction is said to be to prevent future abuse. Furthermore, the number of publishers affected by the three-books-per-day regulation is very small, and if they wish to receive exception treatment, they can apply for an individual review, making it a regulation aimed precisely at AI publishing.

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