Video of 'Side Order', the second paid DLC/expansion pass for 'Splatoon 3' released

In ' Nintendo Direct 2023.9.14 ', a video of 'Side Order', the second part of the Expansion Pass, which is a paid downloadable content for Splatoon 3, was released.

Nintendo Direct 2023.9.14 | Nintendo

(13) Splatoon 3 Expansion Pass Side Order [Nintendo Direct 2023.9.14] - YouTube

Octarian standing in a pure white world

Of course, the weapon in your hand is also pure white.

Battle scene with a mysterious enemy

A pure white machine. It looks like a companion for the player.

And a mysterious and unusual coloring Octarian

It was Mizuta. It seems that Iida is an acquaintance of Mukashi.

'HEY, Hime! Set this color chip on your palette.'

This looks like a palette.

Clear enamel is prepared for each floor, and the enamel looks like colored chips.

Floor selection screen. It looks like the tentacles on its head and fingertips are slightly colored...?

The color of the ink is also gradually changing, changing to a pale pastel-like hue.

splatoon 3 expansion pass

Side Order

tower of order

It is scheduled to be distributed after spring 2024, and the price of the expansion pass is 3000 yen including tax.

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