A summary of the new game for Nintendo Switch scheduled to appear in 2018 released at "Nintendo Direct"

"Started from 7 o'clock March 9, 2018"Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9"A lot of new games for the Nintendo Switch have been announced. Popular works of other platforms such as "Crash · Bandicoot Booty and Three Stages!" And "DARK SOULS" of the latest work of the crash · bandiko series that appeared for PS 4 in 2017 will also appear in Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9 - YouTube

That character also friends! What?

"Kirby Star Allies of the Star" Appearing in Nintendo Switch

I will adventure with Kirby until that metanite.

A little surreal action called "Friends rolling" as well.

Add Dream Friends thrill!

From 'Kirby 2 of the Star' Rick & Cain & Co

From "Star's Kirby Super Deluxe" to Marc

From "Star's Kirby 3" Gooi

"Star Kirby Star Allize" is released on March 16, 2018, the price is 5980 yen by tax.

Furthermore, the first update for free will be distributed on March 28th.

Introduction image of "Star Kirby Star Allize" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Star Kirby Star Allize [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

That great adventurer will revive!

A distinctive image that uses Japanese as a motif characterizes "Ogami"Became a magnificent version and appeared in Nintendo Switch.

Touch the screen of the Nintendo Switch to operate it ... ...

It is possible to operate with Joy-Con.

It makes it possible to solve the gimmicks and operate more intuitively.

"Ogami" superb view version "is released in the summer of 2018.

Introduction video of "Okami" superb view flowed in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Ogami® superb view version [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

New action puzzle game "Super Rotating Sushi Striker" to enjoy refreshing sushi battle appeared in Nintendo Switch

Eating the same colored sushi flowing through the lane and eating it, hitting the empty dish against the enemy.

"Super Rotating Sushi Striker" is released on June 8, 2018, the price is 4980 yen by tax

Introductory video of "Super Rotating Sushi Striker" flowing at Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Super Rotating Sushi Striker The Way of Sushido [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

OCTOPATH TRAVELER New information disclosure

That's why Square Enix's Masashi Takahashi appeared.

New character merchant Tresa

It has special abilities called purchase.

Pharmacist Arfen

It is possible to obtain detailed information from the townspeople.

About battle job

Merchant · ozuki · pharmacist · swordsman · occupation ...

It can also be learned complexly

This will allow you to enjoy more advanced battle.

"OCTOPATH TRAVELER" to be released on July 13, 2018

We will continue to deliver the trial trial version.

The new information release video of "OCTOPATH TRAVELER" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

OCTOPATH TRAVELER [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

That "geek of the otaku" to the game world!

"Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" is going to annihilate the bug in Travis and Touchdown in the legendary game machine

Two people can play by scoring Joy - Con.

'Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes' will be released in 2018

Introduction video of "Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

In addition, that masterpiece action RPG "DARK SOULS" that appeared in 2011 will appear as a remaster version on Nintendo Switch.

The feeling of accomplishment that has overcome many deaths can be experienced with Nintendo Switch.

Network test holding decision

Ambobo of solar warrior solar also appeared

It is amibo that gesture of sun praise is always possible.

"DARK SOULS REMASTERED"Is released on May 24, 2018, the package version is 4800 yen in tax, the downloaded version is 4,300 yen for tax, and Amibo is 1600 yen for tax.

Introduction of "DARK SOULS REMASTERED" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

DARK SOULS REMASTERED [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

My Nintendo Gold Point will be available for purchase.

Mario with a tennis racket appeared

Mario tennis series latest work "Mario Tennis Ace"

Each character has good fields such as all round, technique and defense.

Table mode and ......

It is possible to play in portable mode.

According to everyone holding a Nintendo Switch, the 2/2 doubles game will also glow.

In addition, introduce the latest system

Basic shot is top spin


With Rob, it is possible to separate multiple shots as before.

In addition, there is also a skill called "Aruitoichi".

The aim is to strike a high-powered ball with a pinpoint at the place where you want to hit by gyro operation.

Damage accumulates in the racket when it receives this. Racket is destroyed when it is damaged three times and KO loses because it can not continue the game.

If you return this aim in a way called block, you can prevent damage to the racket.

However, since the aim is a powerful shot, it is necessary to catch up with the ball accurately. The new skill that becomes important there is "acceleration".

As the world will slowly advance during acceleration, it will be possible to move to the position of the ball precisely.

This makes blocks easier to decide.

However, it is not always possible to use aromatics and acceleration, but it is necessary to use aims and acceleration while successfully managing so that the energy gauge does not go away. The energy gauge will accumulate by continuing the rally.

It is also possible to release a "special shot" when the energy gauge is full.

A special shot can destroy a racket with a single shot, but it is sometimes blocked by the opponent.

Of course, "Basic rule" of only basic shot is also installed.

Up to 4 people can play against the Internet if connected to the Internet ......

Online tournaments are also scheduled to be held.

If you participate in online tournaments you can get special costumes and characters as benefits.

Also, swing mode using Joy-Con is also available ... ...

You can actually move the body to play.

It seems to be fun to play in this swing mode when playing with family.

"Mario tennis ace" is released on June 22, 2018, the price is 5980 yen by tax.

Introduction video of "Mario Tennis Ace" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Mario Tennis Ace [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Before the launch, it is also scheduled to hold a pre-release advance online tournament that you can participate in experience play, so you can keep an eye on additional information.

Captain Kinoopio, again!

Captain Kinoopio who appeared also in Super Mario Odyssey will be the protagonist "Captain Kinoopio" appeared in the Nintendo Switch.

"Advance! Captain Kinoopio" is released on July 13, 2018 and the price is 3980 yen. At the same time Nintendo 3DS version will be released.

Introductory video of "Advance! Kinopiyo Captain" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Advance! Captain Kinoopio [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

The master of that drummer, familiar in game centers and others, appeared in Nintendo Switch.

Also supports operation using Joy-Con

Of course you can play with more than one person.

A lot of BGM of the game of Nintendo recorded.

"Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ Shonen!" Released in the summer of 2018

Introductory video of "Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ Jon!" Flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch ~ じ ょ ん! [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Wow! Fairly! What?

"The graphics of this game is quite nice, is not it?"

Therefore, it became popular as an indie game "UNDERTALE"Appears in the Nintendo Switch.

It is undecided that the delivery time is "((of that) appearance!").

Introduction video of "UNDERTALE" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

UNDERTALE [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Beyond fate, with a flash!

Saga Enix's latest Saga series work by selecting a hero from four characters and adventuring the world "Saga Scarlet Grace Scarlet AmbitionAppeared

"Saga Scarlet Grace Scarlet Ambition" is released in 2018.

Introduction video of "Saga Scarlet Grace Scarlet Ambition" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Saga Scarlet Grace Scarlet Ambition [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Collabs of PSO 2 cloud only appeared

Nintendo Switch version PSO 2 Cloud As the original benefits, Zelda's Legend Breath of the Wild's Link Costume appears

"PSO 2 cloud" made it possible to play "PSO 2" which is the largest online RPG in the country with Nintendo Switch. Since it is playing using the cloud application, there is absolutely no need to download large amount of game data. Of course you do not need to download update data.

Also, because it is a cloud application, you can share data playing on other models of game machines and PCs.

"PSO 2 cloud"Is the service start on April 4, 2018, basic play is free.

Introduction of "PSO 2 cloud" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Phantasy Star Online 2 Cloud [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Pave the way with golf!

"Golf story" appeared for Nintendo Switch from Fly High Works.

"Golf story" is the distribution start after Nintendo Direct is completed, and the downloaded version is 1389 yen plus tax.

Introduction of "Golf Story" flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Golf story [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

Ikeike eyebrows appeared!

That crash · bandiku will appear on the Nintendo Switch.

Game for PS4 delivered in 2017 "Crash · Bandicoot 3 Bottoms!"To be playable with Nintendo Switch.

"Crash · Bandicoot Booty and Three Stags!" Is the first series "Crash · Bandicoot", the second work "Crash · Bandicoot 2 ~ Cortex's Counterattack!", The third work "Crash · Bandicoote 3 - Booggie! Round the World ", so it's a great deal to play all three series pieces at once.

In addition, "Crash · Bandicoot Booty and Three Stags!" Is released in 2018.

In addition, the introduction video of "Crash · Bandicoot Booty and Three Stages!" Flowing in Nintendo Direct can be checked from the following.

Crash · Bandicoot Booty and Three Stags! [Nintendo Direct 2018.3.9] - YouTube

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