A new function 'X Hiring' that allows companies to post job information on X (old Twitter) account appears

On August 25, 2023 local time, X (formerly Twitter) announced a new function `` X Hiring '' that allows you to integrate job information into the profile screen of your corporate account. According to

the X Hiring official account , early access to the beta version is allowed for authenticated organizations at the time of writing the article.


X officially takes on LinkedIn with its new job posting feature

The X Hiring official account posted on August 25th, 'We will open early access to the X Hiring beta version only for verified organizations. Featuring the most important positions for companies and millions of relevant candidates. Sign up for the beta now,” he said, adding a link to the beta signup page .

Looking at the image attached to the post, you can see that the job information items are integrated into the profile screen of the official account of the cloud platform service Vercel .

By tapping, it seems that you can check the conditions such as the job title, work location, remuneration, etc. that you are looking for. At the time of writing the article, even if you accessed Vercel's X profile with a browser or application from Japan, it was not possible to confirm that these job information were displayed.

To apply for access to the X Hiring beta, you will need to provide your company name, website URL, X handle, email address, full name, country of residence, etc.

The attempt to integrate job information into X is believed to reflect Elon Musk's vision of 'making X a universal app that integrates all services.' X's interest in recruiting services is also evidenced by the fact that the first acquisition under the leadership of Elon Musk in May 2023 was the job matching service ' Laskie '.

It turned out that Twitter acquired the job matching service 'Laskie', the first transaction in the Earon Mask era-GIGAZINE

Technology media outlet BGR said, ``While the feature is not as comprehensive as LinkedIn, it does give companies the option to post job openings in ways other than announcing open positions in spam-like posts. is also a step towards becoming a universal app, which is Elon Musk's ambition.'

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