A series of reports that dew condensation occurs and breaks down when Apple's high-end headphones 'AirPods Max' are worn for a long time

In the high-end headphones '

AirPods Max ' released by Apple in December 2020, there have been reports one after another that 'condensation occurs inside the ear cups when sweating, causing malfunctions.'

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Sweat can cause Apple's $550 AirPods Max to malfunction or fail

If the user wears the AirPods Max while sweating for a long time, condensation may occur inside the headphones, and the water may cause malfunction or failure, according to multiple users online. has been reported from

The effects of condensation inside AirPods Max include ``sudden power off'', ``failure to connect to device'', ``cannot play music'', and ``forced to reset to factory default''. It is reported that 'audio quality is degraded'.

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Some users say that they prevent the occurrence of condensation by sticking tape inside.

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Another user reports storing the earcups with a desiccant when not using the AirPods Max.

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Some users reported condensation problems with AirPods Max when it was first released in 2020, but due to the record heat wave in 2023 and the deterioration of the product itself, the number of users reporting condensation problems. is increasing.

In 2021, a class action lawsuit (PDF file) was filed against Apple on this issue. The plaintiff said, ``The problem of condensation buildup inside the AirPods Max earcups is a potential and serious defect.In many cases, condensation occurs after just an hour or hours of normal use.'' claim.

Meanwhile, Apple's lawyers dispute the plaintiff's 'normal use.' According to Apple's lawyers, the plaintiff did not reveal details about when condensation in the earcups would occur. Apple's lawyer said, ``Many of the users who claim that condensation occurred said they were exercising while wearing headphones for a long time,'' and the plaintiff's ``normal use'' is from general use Claims to have been out. At the time of writing the article, a settlement has not been reached between the plaintiff and Apple.

Apple's lawyers tell users, ``AirPods Max is not waterproof or water-resistant'' and ``Keep moisture out of the openings''.

Repair industry consultant Justin Ashford said, ``The problem of condensation is not limited to AirPods Max, but is unique to over-ear headphones, which are the type that completely covers the ears.'' On the other hand, 404 Media, an overseas media company, speculates that the frequent condensation problems in AirPods Max may be due to the fact that the ear cups are made of aluminum.

According to 404Media, if the earcups are made of aluminum, airflow to the cups will be blocked while the user is wearing them. In addition, aluminum, which has high thermal conductivity , tends to get colder than the air or the human head, so we speculate that moisture and condensation are likely to occur.

At the time of writing, Apple has not issued an official comment on this issue.

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